Images of the flashy new Business and Law Faculty building were released on Tuesday, March 16th. The building was purchased by the university from the Lincolnshire Echo last year, and is set to open in January 2011.

Several computer generated pictures detailing the Atrium, “Learning Lounge” and the Lincolnshire Leadership and Management Centre were published by the University of Lincoln.

Most notable are the design choices for the building: dark red pillars and furniture compliment grey floors and white tables, with birch wood panelling on certain spots, such as the lift.

The Atrium features tables and chairs with a couple of sofas and coffee tables too. Further towards the back there is a theatre-like tiered seating system. It’s unclear whether this will serve some greater purpose or if it’s just regular seating.

There is also the “Learning Lounge” area, where the pictures suggest students will be able to make use of the TV systems for learning purposes. More sofas and tables fill up the area.

The bold decorative pattern continues in the Lincolnshire Leadership and Management Centre, where orange, grey and black seating set off the birch wood panelling that covers the desk sets. The room has been organised so that the centre of the room is surrounded by three rows of seating in true conference style.

Click on the pictures below for larger versions: