It was Islamic Awareness Week from Monday March 1st to Friday March 5th at the University of Lincoln. Organised by the Islamic Society, it promised to be an education of the religion, with a variety of talks and other events taking place throughout the week.

The religion’s place in the modern world was a cause for debate on Tuesday. Adnan Rashid, an Islamic Research and Education Academy lecturer, headed the talk on modernity in the Jackson lecture theatre from 6pm. Discussion on Islamic dress, Sharia law and sexual equality were hot topics.

Wednesday night was ladies night, where the women of the university were able to experience the cultural side of being an Islamic woman. From 6pm in MC0022 of the MHT building, fashion was on the agenda, and attendees were able to get Mehndi hand art with henna.

On Thursday, Safiyyah Patel opened talks on women in Islam. In the Co-op lecture theatre from 6pm there was a debate on inequality, treatment, and gender injustice in other countries. This was originally set to be a discussion on taboo subjects in Islam, such as alcohol, homosexuality and sex. However, the Islamic society’s committee deemed this to be too controversial, and opted to lead with a “safer” topic to maintain ties with the rest of Lincoln’s Islamic community.

Throughout the week there were stalls lining the entrance on the Main Admin Building, with society members handing out books and leaflets as well as answering questions.