Jaguar Skills is not your typical DJ, he is also a ninja. We caught up with him for a five minute interview before he disappeared again.

What made you want to become a DJ?
I wasn’t very good at anything else really, and after 10 years doing it, I can finally pay the rent for my secret hide-out in the mountains.

How did you develop your sound?
I guess my style is an old-school Hip-Hop style of DJing. Lots of tunes, one after the next, bullet-style. Old School Hip-Hop DJ’s, the grandmasters, developed Hip-Hop by playing any record that had a groove to it, and they changed the records really fast too. You shouldn’t think what I do is anything new really. It’s just today you have the technology that enables you to bring your entire collection to the club with you. So my style is a kind of cut and paste style, pioneered by Steinski, continued by dude’s like DJ Yoda, mixed with a mash-up style all of my own. I like to say my style is kinda like a brick being smashed into you face, delivered with a smile behind a mask – a ninja mask.

When did you realise that you were actually a ninja?
When I was 6 and saw the film Revenge Of The Ninja.

You have a slot on Radio 1. How did that come about?
I did a warm up spot for Zane Lowe, at one of his university gigs. He put me in contact with a producer who was looking for a DJ to do a mix slot on Trevor Nelson’s show. I started doing that two years ago, and continue to do that. I also have a show, which is basically an hour slot where I can do what I want. That’s every fifth Thursday of the month. Which is basically, one show every three months. It takes me a few months to make each show, so that’s perfect for me. The BBC have been super supportive with all my work. It’s been just amazing working for them.

I notice on your Facebook you mention a good tip about bubble baths; do ninjas actually have a soft side?
Yeah, and I’ve got another tip for you. Try next time you go to the toilet, sit on it the other way around. Like you’re riding a horse.

Where has been your favourite place to tour and what was the worst/weirdest?
I’m touring the UK at the moment, but I’ve DJed in a lot of different countries. I love them all.

What’s coming up for Jaguar Skills?
I have a tour and a compilation album coming out soon. I’ll be doing a load of festivals over the summer, rounding it off with Bestival. I’m one of Bestival’s resident DJ’s this year, which I’m really happy about. Also I’ve just started my residency at Gatecrasher Birmingham. You gotta come down to that. It’s dope. Now I must go. HooOOOOOOOO!!!!

By Elizabeth Fish

Elizabeth Fish is based in Lincoln, UK and is the current Deputy Editor of The Linc Magazine, and Culture Editor. Also in her final year studying a degree in Journalism. Writing interests include entertainment (especially music) and tech. Follow her on Twitter .