Local indie band “Kalenko” had quite a sombre inspiration for the name of the band: Aleksandr Vladimirovich Kalenko. He was a Russian romanticist, writer and  poet, and was sentenced to death by hanging for his pro-monarchy views.

A more solemn approach has long been the bands chosen style. Their sound is quite dark and can be compared to indie acts such as Editors or Interpol.

Guitarist and vocalist Elliott Crossley recognises the bands darker tendencies, however he also appreciates that while it produced fantastic results, it might not be a catalyst for their success.

“With 2009’s death of all indie bands, guitar-based groups struggle to lay their path into the Mecca of the music business (a record label),” he says in a poetic response akin to the bands namesake “Our sound has changed over the past six months into something a little more accessible.

Making their sound stand out is an important factor for musicians that wish to make a serious go at a music career, and if the band’s music becomes accessible because of it then all the better for them. However, Kalenko have still maintained the same approach over their short, but prosperous career. The changes have come in their live performances, as the band have concentrated their collective energies to produce an intense, heartfelt show that is not to be missed.

“The live show needs to capture people’s attention, and imagination. Lovers of live music might see three or four bands a week, and you need to make sure your ‘brand’ stands out.”

Kalenko’s previous recording won ‘EP of the Year 2009’ from online music blog ‘What’s Wrong With The Mainstream’, a fantastic achievement and one the band hope to build upon.

“We’re recording the next EP as we speak” says Crossley, “I always enjoy recording — songs just come to life in the studio. It’s the fact that everything can be tweaked to sound just how you imagine it, as opposed to live when things are never quite right.”

For the immediate future though, Kalenko are back on the circuit again, in between higher education. “Expect our return to Lincoln maybe March/April time, we’ll see what comes up.”

Check out the band’s MySpace here.