At the beginning of 2009, the University of Lincoln’s first musical organisation was founded. A group of first year students met through a common interest in classical music and with the help of the then SU societies officer, they started an orchestra.

Just over a year later, having won the Best New Society Award 2009, the University of Lincoln Orchestra (ULO) are putting on their first public performance on campus, this Wednesday, March 24th at 8:30pm in the MHT building (MC0022).

Comprised of both students and staff, the ULO is an opportunity for people at the university to both use and develop their skills with classical instruments.

Chris Dunn – who will lead the orchestra – is a professional cellist and a music teacher with Soar Valley Music Centre in Leicester, and travels to the university every other week to lead, train, and conduct the orchestra.

Chris Mason, president of ULO, said: “We’re a relaxed team who organise rehearsals, concerts, and trips. The aim is to get everyone interested in music to get playing again; to come together as a group of musicians, to play some music, and to have fun.”

The orchestra is open to both those with musical experience and to beginners: “If you play an instrument just turn up at a rehearsal or contact one of the committee. If you don’t play an instrument but would like to be involved then come along to a rehearsal and have a go at one of the many instruments that we have.”

The concert is a result of a year’s practice, an orchestral training day in Leicester, and commitment from students. One show will be orchestral music ranging from show tunes to classical repertoire, along with some solos, and looks to be an exciting start to a promising future for the musical society.

For more information, visit the ULO’s facebook page, or email Chris Mason at

By Joel Murray

Born and bred in Leicester, I am currently studying Media Production at the University of Lincoln. I'm a Christian and a musician, I play the oboe and different guitars. I love football, my club is Leicester City. I enjoy films, music and video games. You can follow me on Twitter at @joelmurray.

3 thought on “University orchestra await their premiere performance”
  1. Given the number of places within the University far better suited to performances, including the LPAC, three dedicated performance studios, an auditorium in the EMMTEC and numerous lecture theatres why are an orchestra performing in a seminar room? My bathroom has better acoustics.

  2. Unfortunately the LPAC are fully booked for all of March and couldn’t let the ULO in. The seminar room is the biggest room on the ground floor (for logistics) and that which they rehearse in, just keeping it there for this low key concert.

    Hopefully if more get interested, they will be hitting the Drill Hall before long!

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