Providing a vast array of performance entertainment, Sunrise Celebration is an alternative arts and culture event. Led by its music acts, the four-day festival presents an eclectic blend of dub, world, ska, electronica, dub-step, psychedelic trance, and reggae, from both rising stars and established favourites.

The self-proclaiming hippie festival takes place at Lilcombe Farm, an organic farm in South Somerset, and offers a huge range of non-music entertainment, forums, and environmental debates.

Although seemingly for the environmental fundamentalist, the festival can be enjoyed by anyone who is open minded to a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere.

With alternative attractions such as permaculture gardens, saunas and hot tubs, and a healing sanctuary, this event thrives on its atmosphere of community spirit and good vibes.

But don’t think all of this free love and relaxing will make a dull time, there are many fun and bizarre attractions to keep you busy too.

This year there will be fairground rides, slam poetry, circus performances, as well as The Games Arena which will play host to a mini-Olympics, giant pillow fights, rounders, and box-racing.

The Saturday night is dedicated to dress-up, where this year the theme will be Circus versus Carnival.

So whether you go for the great music, the flower power, or just to try something new, Sunrise Celebration is sure to provide a truly unique experience. Expect people of all ages, and immerse yourself in a welcoming and free-thinking culture.

Sunrise Celebration has tent camping and caravan spaces with permanent toilet and shower facilities, and the event runs from June 3rd – 6th. Tickets are £111.50 for adults, £70 for 16-18 year olds, and £27 for children.

For more information, see the festival’s website.

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