So far this year, Kids In Glass Houses have released their latest album “Dirt”, completed the first part of their UK tour and played at numerous music festivals, including Reading and Leeds. The rest of the year will see them touring Europe and Australia as well as completing the second part of their UK tour before having a well deserved break.

Having done so much already, there are some events that are going to stand out more than others. “Getting to release our album ‘Dirt’ was a particular highlight as we had spent so long in making it,” said Joel Fisher, the band’s guitarist. “We just hoped that people liked it and it turns out that the majority did.”

Always wanting to give something back to the fans, the band set up some instore signings earlier this year at various Blue Banana stores. “They were great, we always like to meet the people who buy our records,” Fisher said. “And they like to bake us cakes, which is always good!”

The band completed Part I of the Dirt Tour in May of this year and are set to embark on Part II in November. “We love touring and don’t get to do it as often as we like. We got together in the first place because we loved playing live music. It’s the foundation of our band. So to get out there and play shows to people who enjoy watching us gives us a real buzz,” Fisher said.

Performing in front of hundreds of people on tour has its high moments, but the band do have their fair share of moments they wish didn’t happen. “We have a bunch of specific things on our rider, but that’s just because we’re five semi-fussy individuals,” Fisher joked. “I once fell flat on my face before playing a single note opening up for a little band called Paramore, in a little place called the Manchester Apollo,” he added.

On your own tour, people will pay to come and see you because they like you. But any band who has played at a festival before will know there’s always going to be people out there who don’t like you. Kids In Glass Houses recently played at Reading and Leeds festival to crowds who enjoyed not only released album tracks, but also non-released songs. Even if there were some people out there who aren’t fans of the band, they didn’t shine through and the reception they got was generally a good one.

“We’ve done them [Reading and Leeds] for four years in a row now, and each time they get better and better. We never thought that we’d play it the first time around, so looking back on four years of it is pretty awesome. There’s something special about the festival atmosphere there, it’s completely different to other UK festivals,” Fisher said.

For more information on Kids In Glass Houses and to see when they’re touring visit their MySpace page.