Fearne Cotton’s mid-morning Radio 1 show came live from the Tower Bar on Monday, 19th October as part of the station’s Student Tour featuring a special Live Lounge session from Darwin Deez.

— Photos by Jonathan Cresswell

The show was presented in front of an audience of around 60 people, most of whom won their free tickets at various Engine Shed events over the past week.

Jo Pope, a second-year student, won a competition for Cotton to “adopt” her student house, visiting it in the morning and with all of the housemates being guests on the show.

Pope applied for it on Wednesday night and were told they were in top five the next day, but still says it was a surprise to be picked: “I definitely didn’t think anything of it to begin with as it was such a spur on the moment decision, so we were really shocked when we found out we had actually won.

“We didn’t really do any preparation to be honest, they wanted it to be a stereotypical student house so we just left it how it is normally — which is pretty messy. However we did get some tea and biscuits in for them.”

As part of the show, Pope and her flatmates took part in a duvet changing challenge and competed against Cotton in a competition to “borrow” the best student trophy for a flat within 10 minutes. Cotton returned with the traditional student trolley and a keg, whilst the adopted flat found a clothes rail and “borrowed” an employee from Spar.

Zane Lowe turned up ahead of presenting his evening show to become Cilla Black for “Gig Date”, setting up two audience members for a date at the 30 Seconds to Mars show. During this, he found a lookalike in the SU’s VP for activites Andreas Zacharia, although he joked that the role activities was just “drinking” and that Zacharia would need to work out a little more to look like him.


Darwin Deez played a special Live Lounge session in the Tower Bar off the back of their performance last night on the tour at Newcastle, playing their single “Constellations” and covered Katy Perry’s track “Teenage Dreams”.

Although there was some disappointment as there was no appearance from the evening’s main act 30 Seconds to Mars, there was a great atmosphere and Pope said she had a great time.

“The show was amazing. [It] was so surreal just casually hanging out with Fearne and her crew, they were all so nice and it being at the Tower Bar was so weird as normally we would just be chilling on a day to day basis.”

Come back later in the week for our review of the Student Tour 30 Seconds to Mars gig and interviews with Fearne Cotton and Zane Lowe.