Some of the most acclaimed and revered journalists in the country will be paying visits to the University of Lincoln in a series of talks hosted by Professor Richard Keeble.

Open to all members of the public, the talks are to be launched by the prestigious war correspondent Allan Little on October 4th.

Little has received several awards including a Gold Sony Radio Award for Reporter of the Year in 1992, and has covered numerous monumental events including reporting from Baghdad during the 1991 Gulf war.  

The talks are continued on October 18th when visiting professors Angela Rippon, a famous BBC journalist, and Dorothy Byrne, head of Channel Four news and current affairs will be debating “what makes good journalism?”.

According to Keeble, Rippon is “one of the most famous journalists and entertainers in Britain today”. While Byrne is “probably the most powerful woman in British television today”.

November 1st sees University of Lincoln favourite John Pilger discussing his career with students and lecturers in the EMMTEC Auditorium, Brayford Pool Campus.

Pilger is “one of the most celebrated journalists today,” says Keeble, and has a very close connection with the university, having opened the Lincoln School of Journalism and being awarded an honorary doctorate, alongside donating his entire archive of work for study.

One of the talks that Keeble is most anticipating is the semester’s last — a panel of former students are going to discuss “what it’s like to be in the real world”.

“For instance Rob Wells [former News Editor The Linc] who is now working at The Morning Star and Daniel Ionescu [former Editor of The Linc] has now got his own website here in Lincoln.”

Other notable speakers include: Peter Salmon, director of BBC North, the BBC’s second largest centre, who will be giving a presentation in the EMMTEC on November 2nd.

Tessa Mayes, investigative journalist and broadcaster, will be discussing “the ethics of scandal coverage” in the Cargill lecture theatre on November 8th.

Professor Mark Hunter, an award-winning American journalist, will be takling about “new models for investigative news media” on  November 15th.

November 22nd sees Michelle Lalor, editor of the Grimsby Telegraph, and Matt Hammerton, managing director of Lava PR, debating the effectiveness of the relationship between public relations and the press, a particularly heated topic at a similar event last year.

The Linc will be streaming each event live on its website, and you will be able to find them in our new archives. All events but John Pilger and Peter Salmon will be held in the Cargill Lecture theatre.