One of the longest running bands of all time will be coming to Lincoln’s Engine Shed later next month. Since their beginnings in 1969, there has been many line-up changes, but one man has stayed with them throughout their illustrious 41 year career.

Dave Brock is the singer and guitarist for the pioneers of space rock, and when asked if he thought Hawkwind would last 40 years he simply answered “no”.

Hawkwind are perhaps best known for their live performances. Featuring stilt walkers, psychedelic light displays, dancers, and a whole array of theatrical elements to treat the audience. “I think it’s good to give an audience escapism with sound and light,” Brock said. “The dancers add to the theatricality and make it into an overall experience.”

In July Hawkwind released their 25th studio album, a mean feat by any standard. Entitled “Blood Of The Earth” it’s a 12 track adventure through space rock, with a slight modern feel. When the band started, electronic music was so different compared to today, but have the enhancements affected the sound of Hawkwind?

“They have, but we are still barbarians playing hard electric rock.”

Brock, as well has being a part of Hawkwind, has released various solo records. His total of studio albums is over 30, not something that many people can match. He admits that writing new music after all this time is “Not too hard, especially with a Mac computer”.

As well as having a long and celebrated career, Hawkwind managed to define a genre in the process. Space rock, despite being another term for progressive or psychedelic rock, is known for being the sound of Hawkwind.

They have that certain sound of one of Britain’s finest prog rock bands. Brock says, on the subject of defining space rock: “It feels like I am the Master of the Universe — well, the Hawkwind one.”

Hawkwind play the Lincoln Engine Shed on Monday December 6th. Tickets: 0871 230 1101, Tickets are priced at £20 plus booking fees.