It’s been a successful few years for Moda after they launched their club night in 2008. Its DJs and music have been recognised by people from across the music industry and what better way to celebrate their success, than by revisiting their home town of Lincoln were it all started.
The Moda boys returned to the city on Friday and brought some very special guests along with them. After touring many university towns and cities across the UK, Jaymo and Andy George returned to the Engine Shed and brought their eccentric mix of music with them. The Engine Shed is an important place for the boys as their career was boosted by the venue and before being signed by BBC Radio 1 it was a huge part of their life.

The Moda club night has grown exponentially throughout the country, but tonight it was the people of Lincolnshire flocked to the Engine Shed to witness Moda in all its glory on Friday night.

The long night was definitely worth it and Jaymo and Andy George welcomed special guests such as Tom Staar, Jack Beats, DJ Zinc and headliners Sub Focus to mix seven hours of eclectic music together. By choosing the Engine Shed it has made it one of the biggest club nights to visit the city this year and after the night’s successful event it is sure not to be the last.

Mixing music from across many different genres such as dubstep, dance, drum ‘n’ base and electro, the night was a seven hour collaboration of different genres which catered for everybody’s tastes and it was a night enjoyed by all.

Sub Focus was definitely the highlight of the night as they rarely appear in DJ sets away from their own individual work. Although not known to many people, acts such as Tom Staar, Jackbeats and DJ Zinc were popular with the audience and mixed tracks from Calvin Harris, La Roux, Bloc Party and Duck Sauce which helped many students relive their freshers years as many of the mixes can be found on the free complimentary CDs given out in Freshers’ Week.

It is clear that Moda still has time to grow and during the night Jaymo and Andy George reminded the crowd about their latest CD release and their promotion through iTunes, but their success and growth since they started their club nights was definitely shown.

Keep an eye out for more information about Modas future events in Lincoln on their website.