A sold out crowd were given a show to remember when All Time Low hit the stage at Nottingham Rock City on Thursday, March 3rd.

With hundreds of bodies packed into the venue, the crowd gave off a spectatular energy throughout the entire show. It seemed that it wasn’t just the main act that they all came to see.

First up were the High Wycombe band Young Guns, who were able to warm up the crowd quite well, with many people singing along with frontman Gustav Wood.

Wood’s decision to jump onto the barrier, proved a favourable act with the crowd who all pushed to try and touch him – an act seen later when All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat did the same thing at the end of their set.

Up next were the American pop punkers Yellowcard. It might seem odd to have a violinist as part of a rock band, but after 14 years of encorporating it into their act, it didn’t seem to out of place and even added a little something extra to their set.

People sang along to many of their songs, just like Young Guns. It was almost like the crowd was using this time to warmup their voices.

Once the lights went down for All Time Low, the room became louder and everyone seemed to be giving it their all. Inevitably there was pushing to try and get closer to the main act, and the reason that everyone was there that night.

With plenty of penis jokes, which have become a trademark of the band, and Star Wars banter, it didn’t seem to matter that Alex Gaskarth’s in-ear monitor wasn’t working and had to be changed half way through the set.

Plenty of bras managed to find their way onto the stage, something of a regular occurrence that no longer fazes any member of the band. Many that landed on stage found their way onto mic stands.

The set list itself comprised of songs from the bands second EP “Put Up Or Shut Up”, and albums “So Wrong It’s Right” and “Nothing Personal”. A treat for the crowd came in the form of a song from the upcoming album “Dirty Work” titled “Timebomb”, which has been available for downlaod on the band’s Facebook page.

When Gaskarth brought out his acoustic guitar to slow the night down a little, an acoustic version of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” entered the set. The song was sung mainly by the crowd after Gaskarth started it off.

From here on in, he let the crowd sing many parts of the band’s songs. Even if he wanted to sing them himself, he would have been unable to due to the amount of noise that was coming from the crowd, as at times they overpowered him.

The show certainly proved that there is no stopping All Time Low and it was announced towards the end of the show by Barakat that Nottingham had set the bar for the rest of the tour. If it’s anything like it was on this night, the other UK dates are in for a treat.