– John Fernandez contributed with this report

He started out rapping to “Macbeth” and has gone from strength to strength since then. His name is Andrew Robert Nielsen, or as he is better known as MC Lars, and this May he will be bringing ‘The British Invasion Tour’ to the UK.

MC Lars said: “It’s gonna be really fun, I’m bringing over some of my favourite rappers from the U.S, and we are doing three weeks and then we are playing the Slam Dunk Festivals. It’s gonna be cool we are doing a combination of live hip hop, but with laptop beats and live drums over the top.”

On ‘The British Invasion Tour’ Lars is going to be joined by MC Chris, Akira the Don and Weerd Science for the entire tour, which will take the group all over the UK.

“My friend Josh who raps under the name Weerd Science and he also used to drum in the band Coheed & Cambria and for this tour he’s going to be my hype man.”

Along with that he is taking part in the notorious Warped Tour in America from the end of June to mid-way through August.

MC Lars is currently working on his new record “Lars Attacks” which he says he wants released by the end of the summer.

He has already come out and said it is going to be different from past MC Lars albums, he said: “My rhymes are faster, they’re a little harder and there’s even a bit of dubstep thrown in, hell there’s even some screaming thrown in. I’d say it’s definitely a more aggressive album than the last.

“There aren’t any pop punk choruses like in my older stuff, I’m done with that.”

The closest Lars will be coming to Lincoln is Nottingham’s Rock City on the 22nd of May, tickets are already on sale and are priced from £7.