Catch up with the interviews, analysis and opinions from the SU elections, as broadcast as part of The Linc live results show.

The Story So Far
Ahead of the results announcement, Jonathan Cresswell provides a unique take on the elections campaign so far.

Mood of the campus
Are people voting and why do they care? A snapshot of the mood on campus as we find out people’s reasons for voting or not.

Phil Krstic
Currently the RAG officer, Phil Krstic spoke to The Linc about his year in office.

Jonathan Holmes
Liberation officer for Lincoln SU explained why he’s not rerunning in this year’s elections and what have been the highs and lows.

Chris Charnley
After two years as SU president, Chris Charnley gives his perspective on the campaigns this year and how it feels as his time in charge of Lincoln SU gets towards its end.

Videos by Jonathan Cresswell, Charlotte Reid, Emma Greatorex and Darren Moss