– Jack Teague contributed with this report

The football fanzine came into its prime during the mid to late 1980’s, with many complementing the formal nature of a match day programme. Having seen many fanzines turn to the net, most publications disappeared.

But Lincoln City’s fan organisation, 12th Man, have decided to bring back ‘The Deranged Ferret’, or DF as it was affectionately known.

Started by Roger Bates in the late 1980’s, The Deranged Ferret raised money for the club and gave supporters something to laugh at and discuss on a Saturday afternoon in the terraces.

Now it is returning, hoping to provide the older generation with a taste of the old days, while introducing the younger supporters to a new way of getting involved with Lincoln City.

The Deranged Ferret will be edited by former contributor and 12th Man member Gary Hutchinson, who believes “the fanzine still holds a place in fans hearts”.

Hutchinson said: “It may serve a slightly different purpose than before but we did gauge popularity prior to announcing we were bringing it back. DF is a bit of a tradition and football loves its traditions.”

He also says that fanzines are more of a benefit to the fans than the club.

“It gives the fans an alternative voice and an off the cuff look at the football club. Most websites bring news, views and competitions but few do it with the humour and panache that fanzines managed.”

Despite focusing on entertaining the fans, the fanzine will also give the club a small amount of financial gain.

“Every single penny paid in subscription will go to the club, without exception. There are no printing costs and no overheads; everyone involved is giving their time and resources for free.

“We’ve already seen a massive response with subscriptions flooding in, and existing 12th Man members will receive DF for free as part of their membership.

“It’s important to give something back to our members who have supported the 12th man over the last year.”

To subscribe to The Deranged Ferret visit the 12th man website and click on the PayPal button. Membership is £3 per year.

A membership form, available on the 12th Man website, can also be handed in on match days, along with £3, to either Gary Hutchinson, Julian Burley or Andy Helgesen.