— Sian Borrill contributed with this article

Fans were treated to a great evening at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms on Monday, May 23rd in what was Mayday Parade’s fourth visit to the UK.

The energy never died throughout the show as performances of their well known songs pleased the crowd. Even the support acts managed to keep hold of the attention of the majority of people as the Blitz Kids successfully managed to provide entertainment for the eager fans who had turned up early.

Nick Santino then managed to seduce the crowd by singing a mix of love songs with his band A Rocket To The Moon and were definitely a hit with the female members of the audience. The American band may not have been well known by the crowd but it became certain that after their performance they’d be leaving with a lot more new fans.

We Are The In Crowd hit the stage afterwards and were buzzing with energy from start to finish. Several people were singing along to the songs off the bands EP “Guaranteed to Disagree”. No one seemed to mind when guitarist Jordan Eckes forgot his words and after their performance it was easy to see that the crowd were more ready than ever to see the main act.

After a short wait, lead vocalist Derek Sanders first appeared on stage. The room erupted into a loud screams and cheers as Mayday Parade started playing their first song of the night “Jamie All Over”.

The twelve songs that were played throughout the night were a selection of songs taken off their albums “Tales Told By Dead Friends”, “A Lesson In Romantics” and “Anywhere But Here”.

The highlight of the evening came when Sanders was left alone on stage with just his keyboard and drummer Jake Bundrick to perform crowd favourite “Miserable At Best”. It was hard to hear Sanders’ voice over the volume of dedicated fans singing the words as loud as they can.

The show ended with the band promising a return to the UK sometime soon. Fans shouted “we want Mayday!” after the band had left the stage, but they soon came back to sing the demanded encore of well-loved song “Jersey”.

Mayday Parade should be proud of themselves for putting on such a great show.