An MA student has combined the motion-detecting Xbox Kinect controller with gigapixel photography to create a unique way of exploring views of Lincoln for an exhibition at the LPAC.

Titled Gigalinc, it was built by University of Lincoln student Samuel Cox as the final project for his digital imaging and photography course. It allows you to move around and zoom in through a series of views of Lincolnshire projected on to a large screen using just arm movements and hand gestures.

The panoramic pictures are over 1,000 times the size of a 1-megapixel image from a camera and are accompanied by surround-sound samples from the locations on screen.

“I really wanted to explore a more immersive way of interacting with photography, so Gigalinc was born from that stem,” Cox explained.

— Watch Gigalinc in action at the LPAC:

People who try Gigalinc will be able to take a picture showing the view they are looking at when they press a button: “These prints will also be saved digitally and uploaded onto the Gigalinc Live section of the website. This will allow people who can’t make the physical installation a way of viewing what others found interesting within the pictures,” Cox said.

Samuel Cox was responsible for the RFID Booth art installation in the MHT Building earlier in the year, where moving two cubes changed the pictures and sound of the video playing.

The free Gigalinc exhibition runs at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre from Friday, September 2nd from 3pm to 8pm to Saturday, September 3rd from 12pm to 5pm.

More gigapixel photos of Lincoln can be found on the event website.