A second temporary student village is being set up on campus to offer more space to students currently living in Festival Gardens and those staying in hotels.

The new site is known as Delph Gardens, named after the former university Delph Bar, and will see 42 extra cabins built close to the university’s Sports Centre.

Some residents of Festival Gardens currently have to share the 3 metre by 3 metre “bunkabins” with another student. The 42 new temporary units will give more students the option of having their own cabin.

Chris Spendlove, registrar at the University of Lincoln said: “The extra 42 cabins will enable the en-suite rooms across the two temporary villages to become single occupancy as soon as possible.

“In the meantime, steps are being taken to provide comfortable social areas and TV lounges in the Architecture Building next door to Festival Gardens and in the Sports Centre close to Delph Gardens. In addition, University catering opening hours are being extended.”

On Sunday, around 70 first year students moved into Festival Gardens whilst around 130 more students without temporary accommodation were checked into hotels. Since then, more cabins have been added to the Festival Gardens site to more to move in.

The students in hotels will be offered the choice of either Delph Gardens or Festival Gardens depending on when others move out as the situation changes.

A university spokesperson told The Linc that “there should be just under 200 students on campus” of those without permanent accommodation by the end of freshers week.

It is still unclear when all students will leave the temporary accommodation, but the university say “permanent accommodation in the city is becoming available on a daily basis”.