This year’s production of Cinderella at the Theatre Royal may not have put you in the festive spirit, but it did make you laugh far more than anything on TV at the moment. At times it felt a bit more like a musical than a pantomime as the cast seemed to break out in song a lot more than they have done previously.

The story is more of a modern take on the traditional story that we all know and included a lot more dancing and singing from the cast. A highlight was seeing dancers Sonny Wood and Scott Bishop walk on stage in pink sparkly dresses to the song ‘Here Come The Girls’.

Despite the best efforts of the cast to try to shine, when Cannon and Ball took to the stage, they were the centre of attention. They seemed to be the main reason that many people were there in the theatre. Through plenty of jokes and bizarre dresses made especially for them, they managed to get the biggest laughs of the night.

However, local boy Craig Hollingsworth (Buttons), proved to be a great part of the cast and was lively as well as entertaining throughout the entire show. His interaction with the crowd was unexpected but worked well and he seemed to be enjoying himself which really shone through in his performance.

Michelle Hardwick (Cinderella) and Nicola Weeks (Prince Charming) both gave okay performances but could have given a bit more. It did seem like they were being carried by a few others whilst on stage. Their costumes were colourful and lavish at times – especially as Cinderella changed into her ball gown from the rags she was wearing.

Highlights of the night included Cannon and Ball putting powder on their faces and then trying to rub it off on Hardwick, a Strictly Come Dancing spoof at the ball and the night starting off with a dance to ‘Footloose’.

There’s plenty of laughs and the observant kids amongst the audience will notice all the stage tricks like an invitation “floating” on a string and bright orange kitchen objects moving around the place by people. This pantomime is worth the trip to see and you’ll definitely enjoy yourselves.