– Samantha Coombes contributed with this report

With his own record company, an album launch and producing music for other local musicians, Lincoln based Sam Harrison has achieved a lot for someone still the tender age of 21.

From starting to write his own music and learning the guitar at just eight years old, it wasn’t long before he began recording his own music.

“I used to write them all the time even in lessons in primary school and I’d get told off frequently. I just kept doing it, it was addictive. My parents bought me a little four track tape machine which I made my first album on it at 14. It was terrible!” said Sam.

Many of Sam’s influences also came from growing up, including listening to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones; “I absolutely love The Beatles. I just got absorbed in them because there is so much to their music. I think they mastered the idea of making an album because every track leads into the next one. It seems to tell a story and that’s what I try to do.”

Sam released his album, “Yes, Hard Feelings”, at L4 bar in Lincoln on January 22nd where many other local talents had a chance to play their music as well. “We sold loads of albums. It’s good because all the money is going back into the music and what we’re doing. It sounded great and the vibe was great and all the musicians that played there were great. It was probably one of the best nights of my life!” said Sam.

Sam has been working on the album since he was 18 which has meant it’s been influenced a lot by his own experiences; “I had these girlfriends that I couldn’t figure out and when I decided to be a musician people seemed to just write me off because it seemed to me that if you didn’t go to uni you didn’t matter. The song “Life’s Kills” on the album is about how lonely I felt.”

With creating and running his own record company, Xclamation music, Sam has now produced albums for a number of local artists, including Ian Brough who is currently working on his second album with Sam.

“I really do love producing because if you hear somebody’s music you really love you really want to get in there and capture it. Ian Brough has definitely been the most successful. His music’s taken so much of a shape and he’s something really special as he has the ability to write songs that will stay in your head for days and I think that’s why he’s doing so well,” said Sam.

Sam was also in a serious car crash last year where all his instruments and gear were destroyed. However, he said that without the support of close family and friends he wouldn’t be where he is today; “With the people around me I’ve got an amazing support network and I’m so grateful they’re letting me do what I want to do because without them, from my close family to the people who buy my records, I wouldn’t be able to live the sort of dream I’m living.”

If you would like to find out more about Sam, his music and where his next gigs will be visit
his official website.