Lincolnshire singer-songwriter, Elliott Morris will be returning to the Kind bar on Thursday September 6th, as part of his new UK and Ireland tour.

The 22-year-old musician has made a name for himself with his original style, and is known more recently for joining forces with prominent Lincoln band, Dancing Lotus.

Now with two new EP’s released this month and an upcoming album with Dancing Lotus, it’s all kicking off for the young musician.

He is certainly a name that has been bandied about the local music scene, having gigged constantly – already playing hundreds of sets.

All that hard work has paid off. Morris has received recognition from BBC Lincolnshire and Look North, as well as getting airplay on BBC Radio 1. Speaking about his radio play, Morris said: “It was pretty surreal. It’s very strange to imagine how many people are hearing you!”

However, Morris never saw himself as a singer: “I always wanted to just be the guitarist in the band, but our singers kept leaving, so I’d always end up doing it!”

And playing solo has its challenges too: “In a band you can hide behind them, but solo you’re really exposed. You’ve got to make sure you get your lyrics just right!”

Morris played in a club tent at Cambridge Folk Festival for three years before finally hitting the Emerging Talent Stage last year: “It was incredible to be called up and offered a slot. I’ve been going with my family as a fan for years, so to be booked to play was something else.”

He has also supported Frank Turner and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, something which meant a lot to him. He said: “It’s always an honour being asked to support your big influences. That show was so much fun!”

The musician is also close friends with fellow artist Ed Sheeran, having previously played together in Lincoln: “Years ago we gigged together and just hit it off. So we started meeting up for shows all over the place, gig swapping and stuff. This was before he’d got well known so it’s a bit different now!

“This summer my band Dancing Lotus supported him and Rizzle Kicks at Nando’s Gignic Festival, which was a lot of fun and definitely bigger than the small pubs and clubs we used to play at together!”

However Morris says there’s something slightly nostalgic about returning to Lincoln’s Kind Bar: “It’s one of the first venues I played at the start of my career. I’ve gigged there many times over the last few years and I always have a fun night there, so it should be a good show!

“Audiences can expect material from my new EP, along with some of my older songs, a fun cover or two and maybe a traditional tune as well!”

It’s clear he feels excited about returning to perform in the city: “I’m so proud to be part of the Lincoln scene! There is so much talent in the city and it’s wonderful to get to play on the same bill as the other guys making music there!”

You can see Elliott Morris peform at Lincoln Kind Bar on Thursday September 6th, . Tickets are available from his website or by contacting the venue.