Starring “The Hunger Games” star, Jennifer Lawrence, expectations of her performance in her follow-up lead role were high. The young actress did not disappoint.

“House at the End of the Street” is set in an ‘anywhere USA’ rural village. The plot is focused around a mother and daughter, moving into the town in the wake of the mother’s recent divorce. When it becomes apparent that the town has something to hide, daughter Elissa (Lawrence) becomes inquisitive about the centre of the town’s mystery, Ryan Jacobson.

Ryan is an orphaned young man who resides alone in the house in which his parents were murdered by his younger sister, Carry Ann, years before. Where other residents in the town shun Ryan for being reclusive and unusual, Elissa strives to understand him and show him the compassion that no one else would grant him.

Elissa soon learns with fatal consequences that there is more to Ryan’s social awkwardness than the trauma of the murder of his parents.

As far as teen horror flicks go, this one was above average. Although the plot was somewhat contrived and painfully predictable for the majority of the film, the acting was of a high standard.

What was shaping up to be another bog-standard horror film was salvaged by a disturbingly dark plot-twist that was impressively unexpected.

Many have been put off seeing the film, purely from the unimaginative title, but it is well-worth watching if you find yourself at a loose end at the cinema.