Fronted by Elizabeth”Lzzy” Hale and her fierce, yet beautifully melodic vocals, fans at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms were introduced to the many sides of rock band, Halestorm on Saturday, 22nd September.

Following the release of their second debut album “The Strange Case of…” in April this year, the Pennsylvanian rock band released several singles, including “Love Bites (But So Do I)” and “I Miss the Misery,” which have pinned them as one of the best rock bands in the US.

So what better way to give their British fans a taste of their powerful stage presence by performing in a venue whose small space lets the crowd be in reaching distance of their rock heroes, whilst filling their ears with clear and heightened acoustics.

The band where supported by London rockers, Zico Chain, who pumped up the crowd of excited fans with their grungy guitars and ferocious vocals to promote their new album, “The Devil In Your Heart.” Whilst UK heavy rockers, Heavens Basement continued to raise spirits with their energetic performance and lead singer, Aaron Buchanan’s striped denim jeans.

But when Halestorm’s admired drummer, Arejay Hale strutted onto the stage with a bandana across his face, the mass of bodies roared in awe before the rest of the band followed.

The familiar riffs of “Love Bites (Bit So Do I)” rippled through the air from Lzzy’s gold drenched guitar as Halestorm rocketed their show into action.

Arms rose into the air, jolting towards the stage with the beat of the drums before Lzzy’s vocals ripped into the microphone.

Before the first song was over, it was clear as to why Halestorm have come so far so fast. Lzzy ruled the stage as though the band had been around for decades, as they played off their music that seems to create an entirely new rock spectrum.

Once “Mz. Hyde” played out, Lzzy was left on the stage alone to roll out the uplifting melodies of “Break In” on a keyboard. The crowd were suddenly in a trance whilst singing along to the lyrics in harmony to a track that put Lzzy’s more personal side on show.

However, Lzzy’s brother, Arejay made sure he was not forgotten. He played an energy-filled drum solo with fast beats, before ripping off his top to bash the drums with his hands and then with umbrellas, which sent fans into awe-fuelled roars.

The climax of the rock show came when the quartet greeted an encore with the riff and vocal busting, “I Miss the Misery.”

Before long there was a full sense of family as Lzzy made her thank you speech before playing out on the aptly named “Here’s To Us,” joining fans in waving their arms from side-to-side and reaching out to grab some lucky admirers’ hands.

The band may still be relatively young, but they can sure put on a show that makes a powerful impression. Halestorm certainly has attitude, raw energy and a lead rock chick who, without a doubt, kicks out some serious vocals.