Coventry born indie rockers, The Enemy bring their “Streets in the Sky” tour to Lincoln’s Engine Shed this Sunday, October 7th.

The band, who broke into the charts with debut album, “We’ll Live and Die in These Towns,” are currently touring the UK with their new record. This isn’t the band’s first visit to Lincoln having previously performed at the Engine Shed in 2009.

The Linc spoke to the band’s bassist, Andy Hopkins, to see what he thought about the city.

Hopkins said: “It’s great in Lincoln; the crowd are quality at the Engine Shed and it’s a great venue and an absolutely mint place to play. We can’t wait to play it again.

“I prefer the smaller venues. That’s not to say I wouldn’t want to headline a stadium, I’d probably love it!”

Streets in the Sky peaked at number four in the album charts. Hopkins said: “My favourite track from the new record started off as ‘Saturday,’ but that’s changed now I’ve heard it a lot.

“I think the new single is going to go down really well. We performed it at V Festival and T in the Park and it went great! Everyone’s really enjoying the record and, on this tour, we’re getting a chance to play it.”

He added: “The recording process was good this time around, but I much prefer touring as I find it a lot more fun. The new record is a lot more upbeat and more similar to the first album in that respect.”

In May, the band had the honour of playing on top of Wembley Stadium’s roof before the FA Cup Final. Hopkins recalled: “It’s the first time our band has ever done it and it was raining, which was a bit of a downer, but it went great and we were really vibing off it. Plus it was great of them to let us do the gig.”

The band have often been compared to The Jam and The Clash, however Hopkins was quick to mention that they find their inspiration from all around them. He said: “Everyone’s an influence; no matter what music you hear it’s an influence.

“No matter even if it stirs you away from a certain type of music, like if you hear a rubbish band we won’t go ooh we won’t do that! We love The Clash, The Jam, and all kind of bands like that. We’re even influenced by bands like Green Day.”

The band have been touring the festival circuit all summer, however they aren’t a band who go crazy with requests for their rider. Hopkins said: “We don’t really have any diva requests. We literally just say can we have the plainest sandwiches and some beers!

He added: “You need tuna and Rice Krispies and you’re sorted!”

The Enemy are performing at the Engine Shed on Sunday, October 7th. Tickets are priced at £17.50 plus booking fee and are available to purchase from the Engine Shed website or at the box office.