House music legend, Justin Martin will play in Lincoln on Friday, November 23rd, as part of a Moda basement party in the cellars of Tokyo nightclub.

Martin is part of the first ever Moda Black basement party in Lincoln, with a line-up that also includes Doorly, Tom Staar and Moda legends, Jaymo and Andy George.

Justin Martin is the name behind huge house music dance floor fillers such as “Ruff Stuff,” “Don’t Go,” and electro album, “Ghettos & Gardens.”

However, unlike the previous big main-stage nights Moda is known for in Lincoln, it will be a taste of the underground house music scene, with huge house DJs and a big crowd taking over the Tokyo basement cellars.

Andy George, founding member of the Moda and Moda Black labels, told The Linc he is excited to have Martin headlining: “Justin Martin has made some of the biggest underground records this year, so we’re expecting it to go off hard!

“Justin’s an extremely talented producer and we’ve been trying to work out a date with him for years. It just so happens that 2012 has probably been his biggest year to date, with a truly amazing debut LP – we’re bringing a little slice of San Fran to Lincoln!”

The Moda Black basement party starts slightly later than usual, from 1am until 6am – something that Andy George says was intentional: “We just like to switch things up. The space really lends itself to a more underground feeling party and we definitely like that. It works hand in hand with our approach to our Moda Black record label.”

He continued: “We just wanted to do something a bit different. These sorts of clubs exists in lots of major cities, and the basement space itself feels sort of ‘illegal’ I guess – we wanted to make it feel like no one was meant to be in there. It’s more exciting!

“When it hits 1am, it just means people will be totally ready for it and the party will kick off straight away. It’s a different approach for Lincoln but, we thought, why not try it?”

Tickets are still available for the Moda Black basement party at The Unused Basement Cellar, Tokyo Lincoln. Advance tickets are priced at £9.50, and are available from Dogma, or online from the Moda website.