A student at the University of Lincoln has formed his own clothing brand, along with two of his friends.

Floor13Originally from Bury St Edmunds, Adam Tully, a third year student studying business and management, was a part of the trio who launched Floor 13 Clothing in March 2013.

Tully explained that the idea came about after visiting a market stall in Camden: “All of us have a keen interest in fashion and business and really wanted to get something going.”

He continued: “A clothing brand seemed like a great idea as it combined all of our talents together; Harry has a finance degree and Dan works in architecture – he is the creative member of the team. We were all a bit fed up of seeing the same tops out worn by five different people on nights out so wanted to create something a bit different.”

But what seperates Floor 13 from other clothing brands available? Tully said: “Floor 13 is different because all our stock is limited edition and we want our designs to be a bit more special and exclusive than the norm.

He continued: “As well as designing ourselves, we advertise to all creative sorts… artists, graphic designers etc., and encourage them to submit designs to us. Any we then choose to use, we take to print and give them a percentage of each sale, meaning we can be working with loads of designers at the same time and really get lots of people involved.”

Tully has been overwhelmed by the support the brand has received since launching: “We have had a really good start and are about to launch three more designs, including a couple of women’s tops.”

Looking ahead to the future, Tully hopes to build on the brand: “We will be moving into bags, caps, sweatshirts, vests and even phone cases and offer a great range of products. We are hoping to get ourselves down to London and get a stall going at Camden Market in the near future as well.

“We are all really excited and are looking forward to getting a new website launched and really making an impact.”

Finally, Tully added: “We are always looking for designers, so if any creative types at the University of Lincoln want to get involved, get in touch.”

Further information about Floor 13 Clothing can be found on the website.