Hoax phone calls to Lincolnshire Police are on the decline, new figures have revealed.

The figures, which were obtained from a Freedom of Information request, show that 388 hoax calls were made in 2012, compared to 592 in 2008. However, the figures are based on the final incidents recorded or closed as a hoax call.

Examples of hoax or inappropriate calls made to Lincolnshire Police include a report of a road traffic collision which, on investigation, did not occur; a male shouting offensive remarks about the police down the phone and silent calls.

A statement from Lincolnshire Police said: “Lincolnshire Police do unfortunately receive hoax calls. It is illegal to make a hoax call and by doing this you are putting people’s lives at risk by preventing us from answering genuine emergency calls.

“If Lincolnshire Police receive hoax calls from a mobile we may disable your SIM card and you could be subject to criminal proceedings.”

Further details about calls to Lincolnshire Police can be found on their website.