The second bi-annual Frequency Festival took off in Lincoln last night.

This year, the festival aims to show audiences how technology affects the ways they interact with the world around them.

Today’s events include the “Binary Graffiti Club,” which aims to inspire youngsters to view Lincoln as a ‘canvas.’ This will include representing the dreams of these young people by making images of bodies in select locations around the city. It runs between 12 and 4pm and will be taking place all around Lincoln.

Another highlight will be a talk called “Angel Presence” by light artist Chris Levine; it’s taking place in St Swithin’s church at 4pm and aims to “create a sensory experience through image and form.” Chris came into the limelight last year after a piece of his work based on the Queen was put on display in the National Portrait Gallery.

There’s also a performance called “Me and the Machine” taking place at 12pm. According to Frequency, this aims to “bring you an immersive theatrical experience that blurs the lines between reality, poetry and fiction.” It does this by mixing video goggle and headphone technology and is taking place in the Pop Up Shop on Sincil Street. It’s a completely unique one off during this year’s festival.

Another event to look out for is called “Usher Young Creatives,” which is an event run by 16-19 year olds with a passion for museum curation. They’ll be chatting about the festival’s theme, Revolution, as well as displaying work from various emerging artists. This will be taking place in the LPAC’s Zing Café and runs between 10am and 5pm.

Many other events are scheduled to take place around the city throughout the day, and more details on each event, as well as the festival as a whole, can be found on