The Shed might have been saved, but its future is still up for debate: the Students’ Union now want to rename the pub, which came under SU control over the Christmas period.

The Shed, which could be set for a name-change. Photo: Paul BattisonIt was announced at the Students’ Union council on Monday February 17 that there would be a campus-wide referendum allowing students to choose from a variety of new names, all proposed by students, although keeping ‘The Shed’ would also be an option.

Part of Monday’s council meeting was also devoted to an ‘open session’ where any students could propose names.

This session began with a long list of names that had already been sent in by email, including ‘The SU Bar’, ‘Your SU Pub’, and most popularly ‘The Nest’.

It was later revealed that this list of preliminary names had been sent in by one person.

However, the session was dominated by critics of the process, who claimed that “a lot more students are concerned about the refurbishment of The Shed than the name”, adding that the referendum will be “a waste of resources”.

Another council member suggested that the SU should “do proper market research like normal companies would do” before renaming the venue. Despite the onslaught of questioning, some new names were suggested, including “The Swan’s Nest”, “The Brayford Arms”, and “The Down and Stout”.

During our live-tweeting of the council, we asked you what you’d like to call The Shed. Here were some of your best ideas: