There are seven candidates in the running for the role of VP Academic Affairs in the Lincoln Students’ Union elections 2014.

They will be competing to take over from Ian Antwi, who has held the role since summer 2014. 

Voting starts at 9.00 am on Monday February 24, 2014. Photo: Lincoln SUJoshua Mark Leafe

Joshua Mark Leafe. Photo: Lincoln SuCurrent Chair of the Student Council, Joshua Mark Leafe has held a wealth of volunteering roles in his short time in Lincoln, including being a course rep and trustee for the Students’ Union.

He has also “spent hundreds of hours working closely with the Union and its staff, helping with the creation and launch of the new SU website.”

He said: “Being so involved with the Students’ Union has given me the chance to get to know the team so well and my responsibilities have given me an insight to the governance, policy and politics within democracy.”

Further details about Joshua Mark Leafe, including his manifesto, are available on the Lincoln Students’ Union website.

Kate Victoria Withers

Katie Victoria Withers. Photo: Lincoln SUA third year business and management student, Kate Victoria Withers has been representing the students’ voice for her entire time at the University of Lincoln.

Starting as a course rep, she has currently worked her way up to be a senior representative of the Business School.

Her major focus is to “develop opportunities for employment for all students.”

She said: “My aim is to increase the opportunities for work experience, placements and careers advice, including reinforced links to a range of industries, to help our students achieve their goals during and after university.”

Further details about Katie Victoria Withers, including her manifesto, are available on the Lincoln Students’ Union website.

Nyasha Takawira

Nyasha Takawira: Photo: Lincoln SUCurrent third year journalism student and representative for the university’s School of Journalism, Nyasha Takawira is a keen volunteer.

She believes that “whenever you have a platform to make a statement, you should make the most of it.”

She plans to tackle attendance monitoring, timetabling issues, and careers; including improving the way the university communicates existing job opportunities as well as aiding the creation of its own relevant forms of employment.

She said: “These are my proposed actions and I believe I will work alongside students to make them happen because the time, is Ny.”

Further details about Nyasha Takawira, including her manifesto, are available on the Lincoln Students’ Union website.

Rhys Clarihew

Rhys Clarihew. Photo: Lincoln SUDuring his time at university, Rhys Clarihew has spent the majority of his time creating opportunities for people to get involved with and develop their skills.

If elected, he plans to tackle communication, creating a more open environment for people to speak with who they need.

He also wants to communicate better with students reps, increase the exposure of what the Students’ Union can offer with regards to employment, and improve the overall academic experience for students.

He said: “Coming from a media background, I used the knowledge that I had to create something which could be beneficial to everyone regardless of their skill level. I now have the opportunity to expand my reach and help work with students to improve their academic lives as well.”

Further details about Rhys Clarihew, including his manifesto, are available on the Lincoln Students’ Union website.

Siobhan Garrigan

Siobhan Garrigan. Photo: Lincoln SUCurrent course rep for English in her third year, Siobhan Garrigan says she has “seen first-hand how helpful and how welcome student feedback can be in the running of academic programmes.”

If elected she plans to improve visibility and accessibility of course reps, whilst building on the current training programme and forum events concerning them. She also plans on improving the relationship between course reps, students and staff.

She also wants to implement a single session with the Employability Service
compulsory for all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

She said: “I would love the opportunity to represent the students of Lincoln and their academic issues.”

Further details about Siobhan Garrigan, including her manifesto, are available on the Lincoln Students’ Union website.

Tom Briggs

Tom Briggs. Photo: Lincoln SUAn accomplished theatre directer and someone who has been the school rep for performing arts at the University of Lincoln for two years, Tom Briggs is also competing for the role of VP Academic Affairs.

If elected, he aims to implement better representation, more collaboration and give students the very best of teaching standards.

He also aims to improve collaboration between the various schools after the recent disbanding of the majority of joint courses.

He said “I believe people work best when they pool their talents,” and he wants to make sure the “right people with the right expertise are available to students.”

Further details about Tom Briggs, including his manifesto, are available on the Lincoln Students’ Union website.

Victoria Mai Waby

Victoria Mai Waby. Photo: Lincoln SUA second year business and marketing student and president of the Business Society, Victoria Mai Waby wants to use her gap year to “improve the academic experience of every student for the foreseeable future.”

She wants to make sure that people can express their opinions freely, by offering regular drop-in sessions for each school where she will listen to students’ opinions in person.

She also wants to create more awareness of opportunities that will improve students’ employability, such as job shops, Careers Wednesday, the Lincoln Award and societies.

Victoria says university is a huge investment that all students make and they might not be getting the most out of it. Her solution, she says, is “less talking and more action.”

She said: ” I am a friendly, helpful and fully committed person with the passion to work on solving your problems. I will make it better for you by not just listening, but taking action too.”

Further details about Victoria Mai Waby, including her manifesto, are available on the Lincoln Students’ Union website.