With the Premier League title race the closest it has been in years, it’s a good time to ask our writers who will win it.

So the question: “Who will win the Premier League and why?”

premier league

Ryan Hall

You have to say Liverpool deserve to lift the trophy purely for the entertainment and exhilaration they have provided for us all watching on at home and in the stands. Brendan Rodgers’ men have scored the most goals and I think even the neutrals would secretly love to see Steven Gerrard finally receive that winners’ medal he has craved throughout his career. It will all boil down to whether or not they can overwhelm Chelsea and Manchester City in their remaining fixtures and since both games are at home, I fancy their chances.

Liam Ray

It’s so tough to call. I’ll rule out Arsenal and go for City. Putting it simply, they have the best players. Once Aguero is back he will score the goals to clinch the league. With Yaya Toure and David Silva on top form, it’s hard to look past Pellegrini’s men.

Max Mclean – Deputy sports editor of Linc Sport

It’s the better squad of Manchester  City against the experience of Mourinho which will decide the title. Ultimately, if Kompany can keep away from further suspensions and Aguero comes back soon, Manchester City should have too much for Chelsea.

Adam Tomlinson

I think it’ll be Man City’s year this season, but that won’t be without a fight from both Chelsea and Liverpool. Arsenal ruled themselves out with their embarrassing 6-0 defeat to Chelsea last week. Mourinho has got his tactics spot on so far this season for Chelsea, but they have slipped up against what should be fairly easy opposition.

Liverpool have a very good chance this year! The formidable partnership of Sturridge and Suarez up front is what will win them the title, and the blooding through of Sterling and Henderson.

However, I feel a lack of title challenging experience could be where they faulted this year. Thats why I feel Man City will win the league. With Yaya Toure, David Silva, Aguero and  Negredo all firing in goals they are the ones to beat. However, they could struggle in their next few games without Kompany at centre back.

Overall, I think the title race will be one of the most tightly contested for years and will boil down to who makes the least mistakes and has the most key players available. Although I do think Pellegrini’s men are the ones to beat.

Edward Seaman

I think if you look at the run-ins of the teams you have to say Chelsea. If you discount Stoke, who currently sit in 10th, they only have to face one of the top half teams, Liverpool. They also have the experience and know how, having won the title a number of times in recent years, with and without Mourinho. Their eccentric manager could also give them the edge over their rivals. One potential downfall could be their participation in the Champions League but I can’t see Chelsea dropping many more points between now and the end of the season. The title is theirs for the taking.

Chris Gray – Editor of Linc Sport

My heart says Liverpool, purely for the exhilerating football they play and it would be incredible to see Steven Gerrard finally win the league but my head says Chelsea. Liverpool, even though they have the best attack in the league in the shape of Sturridge and Suarez, their defence has the proponsity to compliculate, which might cost them in the run in.

Manchester City, in my opinion, will find it difficult as well as they have a manager who doesn’t have enough experience of winning, plus they also have a wobbly defence, and Yaya Toure, albeit a phenominal player, he does has a tendency to go missing in some games, which you cannot have towards the end of the season.

Mourinho however is a winner. He has built a team capable of winning in a year and with Matic, Hazard and Oscar on form and with Eto’o chipping in with a goal now and then, backed up by a typical Mourinho like defence, they probably have what it takes to bring the league back to the bridge.