The new season is nearly upon us and that means the return fantasy football.

For the new season, Linc Sport will be hosting their very own league available to anyone.

Prizes, to be announced closer to the time, will be available to be won throughout the year.

Select your team from Premier League players.
Select your team from Premier League players.

To win these prizes however, you must be a current student or alumni at the University of Lincoln.

You must also follow @LincSport on Twitter or like The Linc on Facebook so that we can get in contact with the monthly winners.

The league will also contain a forum for members to discuss the league. The forum will be monitored and any form of abuse will be noted and could result in removal from the league.

For those new to fantasy football, it is free to play. The aim is to select a squad from the Premier League each week with points awarded for good performances.

Each player has a value and you, as the manager, has £100 million to play with.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

To join the LincSport Fantasy League visit

  • League name: LincSport Fantasy League
  • Passcode: 124903-37198

Good luck to everyone involved.