The Collection currently holds the incredible first UK solo exhibition of American Artist Danica Maier. Maier uses inspiration from a rare Jacobean bedspread and embroidery work to create extraordinary intricate drawings, with sizes ranging from under 20cm to spanning an entire wall.

2014-09-26 18.51.19 (1)

Maier simplifies images into squares – reminiscent of embroidery patterns – before hiding words within each shape to create a larger image; these words have a connection to their “bigger picture” and are written in a method reminiscent of traditional sewing and embroidery techniques.

Generally these words have masculine connotations, though when written in the style of a typically feminine past-time, a thought-provoking juxtaposition is raised.

The notion of male and female aspects combining to produce a stunning item is not uncommon, though Maier approaches the concept with a unique and individual flair. Rather than using these elements to produce a political image or perhaps challenging, the artist instead chooses to create eye catching works with an animal theme.

2014-09-26 18.49.37

The main enticement of Danica Maier’s work is derived from its sizing, colour and grandeur, which the Lincolnshire Collection describes “heartfelt, funny and titillating” impressions.

The Lincoln Collection holds the work until 11th January 2014, a visit is recommended for those art lovers interested in colour, fabric and subtlety.