Written by Rebecca Marrow and Caitlin Lyth

Halloween will soon be fast approaching and we all know what that will mean. Costumes, most definitely and parties are also very likely.

Cheap and cheerful cocktails are the way forward. Photo: Caitlyn Lyth and Rebecca Marrow
Cheap and cheerful cocktails are the way forward. Photo: Caitlin Lyth and Rebecca Marrow

A run in with a real ghost? Not much of a possibility, but you never know. However, one thing that will definitely be on the menu is a few drinks, so in the interest of holiday fun – and a student budget – we have come up with a few Halloween themed cocktails that are equally cheap, easy to make, and delicious. A triple threat.

All Hallows’ Shandy

This is a twist on the bog standard lager shandy. Adding a dash of orange juice to the mixture adds flavour, but there is also a sharp aftertaste from the lager which makes it something special.


1 x can/bottle of beer

1 x bottle of lemonade.

1 x dash of orange juice.

1) Pour the beer into the glass first. Unlike other drinks, you should not shake all the drinks together in a separate container, as this makes the beer foam go wild.

2) Follow with as much lemonade as your Halloween heart desires. Usually a shandy only requires a dash of lemonade, but feel free to put as much in as you want.

3) Finally, add the orange juice. It’s best to stick to only a drop, purely because the taste of oranges will overpower everything else.

4) Stir in your Halloween themed glass and enjoy!

Bloody Woo Woo

Aside from being the well known noise of a ghost (which are unlikely to appear in your flat so do not worry) a Bloody Woo Woo is also a fabulous drink to make at Halloween.


1 x dash of vodka.

1 x dash of peach Snapps.

1 x Cranberry juice.

1 x Orange juice.

1) In a separate beaker, add the vodka and peach Snapps together and shake. It is important to do this before you add the juice as one spirit will sink to the bottom of your glass and make the whole drink taste weird.

2) Add the Cranberry and shake gently.

3) Pour in a dash of orange juice, give it one final shake and trickle it into your glass.

You could alternately swap the cranberry and orange juice for apple and raspberry. It is just as delicious and fruity, but with a slightly different flavour.

Moscow Mule

This is a very common drink that we chose mainly because of the lovely autumnal colour, and how inexpensive it is. The slightly spicy aftertaste of the ginger beer reminds us of cinnamon apples, which gets us excited for Christmas! Too soon, you say? Tell the department stores that.


1 x dash of vodka.

1 x bottle of ginger beer.

1) Pour a bit of vodka into your glass and fill the rest with ginger beer. Enjoy the slightly spicy aftertaste, and have fun at your Halloween party!

If you are having a Halloween party, or just fancy a few cocktails before heading out we would suggest getting a group together and all putting in around £5 each – it is way more cost effective than buying your own beer.

All these recipes can be found online, have fun but please be sure that you drink responsibly.