The campus pub called "The Shed", recently taken over by the Students Union, is to be renamed "The Swan".  Photo: Quite peculiar via Flickr.
The campus pub called “The Shed”, recently taken over by the Students Union, is to be renamed “The Swan”.
Photo: Quite peculiar via Flickr.

A campus pub is to be renamed following a legal challenge to the use of its name.

The Shed, the campus pub recently taken over by the Students Union, is to be renamed “The Swan”.  The name change will be in effect from 14 November.

According to the Students Union, the decision has not been an easy one. After a long period of consideration and consultation, as well as feedback from the SU’s Fresher’s Week review where students said that there was considerable confusion over two SU venue’s called The Shed and The Engine Shed. Another but not less important factor is a legal challenge on the use of the term “The Shed”. The SU states that it does not intend to fight this in the courts as it would strain the unions resources.

In March 2014, The Students’ Union asked students their choice of name following the takeover in January.  This was done through a referendum in which 2603 of our members voted, The Swan came second, after The Shed.  This was before the Students’ Union took over the Engine Shed on the 1st August and the confusion over our venues took place.

Brian Alcorn, Students’ Union President said:

“Whilst we recognise The Shed has been an important part of many Students’ lives whilst they have studied in Lincoln, the feedback we received from Freshers, as well as the commercial problems the two similar names cause [The Shed and The Engine Shed], as well as potentially a legal challenge on the name,  I am pleased Student Council have voted overwhelmingly to support the Executive Committee on this change”.

James Brooks Chief Executive of the Students’ Union said:

“Whilst the name is changing, there will be no other changes to the service offered, we will continue to remain open and welcome new and old customers alike.”