A local rock band from Lincolnshire has just embarked on their first ever European tour.

Anti-Clone, primarily from Boston, is supporting reggae rock legends Skindred on a three week tour across eight different European countries.

The tour started on Tuesday in Eragny, France and will span across 15 days where they will also be visiting Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Germany.

It marks three years of hard work and dedication from band members Pete Moore (lead vocals), Conor Richardson (lead guitar), Liam Richardson (rhythm guitar), Drew Moore (drummer) and their newest recruit: bassist Dave Cooper.

In an interview with The Linc, lead guitarist Conor Richardson spoke of the band’s delight with securing a supporting slot with one of the most well-known rock groups around.

He said: “We never expected to get to this point so early, bearing in mind the band has only been going for a few years.

“It’s a huge relief for everyone and we cannot wait to get started.”

Anti-Clone had their successful EP launch at the Engine Shed in May but their current tour will mark some of the biggest gigs they will have played in their short careers.

Mr Richardson said: “Everyone is buzzing about the tour. 300 pre-sale tickets were sold out for our first gig in Southampton so that shows the public is eager to come and see us.

“Our biggest show will probably be in Krakow, Poland where we are expecting 2000 people.”

After the tour, the band intends to continue putting 100% effort into their work with the prospect of playing in front of bigger audiences a huge possibility.

Mr Richardson said: “We hope to move onto bigger and better things after the tour. All I can say is: watch this space!”