stephen photoOne of Britain’s most famous comedians, is back on tour again with his brand new hour long show, Welcome To My World.

Stephen K Amos will be bringing his show to Lincoln on 21 February this year and the audience can expect, in his words: “Laughter. I want them to laugh alongside me.”

Welcome To My World is about those awkward dinner conversations everybody has, and things that people are afraid to ask, such as political beliefs or sexuality, or in Stephen’s case, “what does the K stand for?”


But what are his reasons for writing a politically motivated show, which hasn’t really been done before?

Stephen says: “The comedy industry is vibrant at the moment but none of the big guys, the arena comedians have politics in their show.

“People want to go out in the evening and have a laugh but I decided to make them laugh using some politics.”

Through the show, Stephen hopes to bring out the audiences opinion, by providing his own. Aiming to make them feel comfortable, so they divulge their beliefs as Stephen reveals his.

When touring a show, that does openly discuss politics and Stephen’s beliefs, when asked does the reaction change depending where you are in the country, and whether that audience have a different political belief, Stephen said that people “know what they are getting when they come to see me”.

However: “Some places, you can tell they are UKIP supporters because they don’t laugh at a joke about UKIP.”

Lincoln is just one stop of another nationwide tour to Stephen but boredom is never really an issue.

“It’s excellent going around the country. Having to go to all these different places, because every audience is different. That’s the fun part.”

If you want to see Stephen K Amos having fun, you can on 21 February at the LPAC. Visit their website for ticket information.