The BRIT Awards 2011 - Rehearsals

1)      Madonna, Magonna and the Minotaur

Madonna’s comeback was certainly unforgettable. Boasted by Ant and Dec throughout the night to be returning to the Brits after two decades, Madonna’s dramatic entry was heightened when she was pulled backwards down a few stairs on the lyrics of her new song, ‘I let down my guard, I fell into your arms’.

The curse of an Armani cape ‘tied too tight’ around her neck in the hands of a Minotaur encouraged a sharp intake of breath that leapt through the audience. Unfortunately, the Minotaur was not as forgiving as one would have hoped, scampering off into the heard of dancers whilst the 56-year-old retrieved her composure.

Jokes aside, Madonna proved her maturity in performing through her quick succession to getting back up, suitably to the lyrics ‘now that it’s over, I’m going to carry on.’ Literally a show stopper, at the end of her song and a rousing applaud from the audience, echoed probably by most people watching at home, the scene disappeared behind MasterCard advertisement.

Instagraming later that ‘nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I’m fine!’ we can make jokes now, right?

2) I don’t know what Kanye was doing, only that he was doing it ‘All Day’

Filling in for the absent Rihanna, Kanye took to the stage, and in a staged mob mentality proceeded to shout at the audience. Unfortunately, as his performance was before watershed, his lyrics fell victim to the common threat of being Audio Muted.

I’d hate to know who was on the end of that sound control however, as one of the first words I heard him shout was definitely not suitable for prime time television.

All I really learnt from the performance is that Taylor Swift is the bigger person. After countless jokes all night by Ant and Dec about Kanye’s possibly of ruining her first ever Brit Award, she was spotted by the cameras dancing to ‘All Day’. I’m assuming she heard a different version of the song than the averaged 5.3 million viewers who tuned in to ITV from home.

3) Ant and Dec

Speaking of the double act, last night they may have proved possibly a little too out of touch for the Brit Awards. After the first section of their commentary, they turned a little into the chuckle brothers, placed at different end of the stage shouting for the other one to join them.

The duo also tried and failed to get a ‘selfie’ with Kim Kardashian, not using their iPhone properly and exclaiming ‘I forgot to unlock it!’ it might be time to bring James Cordon back.

It could be due to the proximity to the Oscars, and Neil Patrick Harris and Anna Kendrick’s opening number, but it was regrettably an unforgettable experience.

4) Presenting dream team: Ellie Goulding and Lewis Hamilton

The transcript of this duo really speaks for itself, courtesy of the BBC. There really were no other words:

“Sorry, I have to hold myself, I can’t stand,” announced Ellie Goulding as she approached the podium with – who else? – the current Formula 1 world champion.

“Your dress …” stuttered a confused Hamilton. “You going to a wedding or something?”

“Excuse me!” exclaimed Goulding.

Several seconds of silence passed.

“That was a good one,” said Goulding.

“No.” said Hamilton.

More silence.’

5) Ed Sheeran

Collecting two Brit Awards for Album of the Year and Male Solo Artist, Ed Sheeran, 24, admitted that he though Sam would be taking them away.

Performing ‘Bloodstream’ was a personal highlight. Loop pedals at the ready; it’s commendable that Sheeran can keep a crowd entertained as a solo artist.


Overall, the night was a success, as far a mainstream music events go. There were some great headliners to the show, like Taylor Swift. George Ezra wasn’t half bad either, despite him cooing every now and then during his performance of ‘Budapest’ like a birdie.

Unfortunately, other than Paloma Faith who did a great job of shouting out for the underdog’s when she received her British Female Solo Artist, there was a clear alternative gap in the market for artists. On one hand, Royal Blood have risen out of somewhere no one knows to winning the Award for Best British Group.

However, originality such as James Bay, who won the Critics Choice Award but wasn’t presented on stage, was limited to a two-minute interview. Luckily though, his album, out in March, should hopefully speak volumes and help him rise to bigger and better in the next year.