Written by Emma Barnett

As the Rescue Rooms was the space used for their first gig on their first UK tour, it seemed only fitting, and mildly poetic that they should return for their opening set of If I Was.Emma barnett

Initially, plans were to have the album released at this stage, but due to issues with the recording company, we can expect the new record on 23rd March in the UK. However, their change to new producer Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon has definitely paid off.

Originally from Watford, these three sisters hold within their grasp the best harmonies I’ve ever heard. Captivating their listeners, and a refreshing audience to be a part of, The Staves attract a range of fans. Their music, appealing to all generations, clearly is something to be enamored.

Their first album, Dead & Born & Grown released in 2012, didn’t get the reception it deserved in the charts, however it has created a fan base that sold out the Nottingham gig and I can only expect bigger and better things for their future.

Mainly using electric and acoustic guitars alongside drums, their new rock folk can range from up-tempo in songs such as Black and White and Teeth White, to slowing things down and stripping back to just an acoustic guitar and beautiful vocals and harmonies with Wisely and Slow and No Me No You No More.

Described by the group as ‘less timid than our first record’, If I Was has a lot to offer your ears. Post-Mumford and uninhibited, the thought provoking lyrics from Blood I Bled are honest and bare. ‘Pick up my roots and now leaves are dead, They tumbled down in bruise of all the blood I bled’.

Joking with the crowd, these three sisters are also great performers and have engaging, down-to-earth personalities. I’ve pre-ordered my album, and would recommend you do the same.