Westella VIP ended the match victorious with a 2-1 win against Lincoln Moorlands Railway F.C.

Moorlands began the game the stronger side winning the first corner of the game. The keeper lost the ball which fell to Moors defender, Ceigh Warman, but the Westella defence got it away.

Moors couldn't complete late comeback. Photo: Kheireddine Bouras
Moors couldn’t complete late comeback. Photo: Kheireddine Bouras

Moorlands continued to press and got a free-kick in a dangerous spot. Greg Andrews shot the ball but the keeper stopped it easily.

VIPs scored the first goal of the match after a magnificent counter attack from  Callum Harrison who passed it to Alex Wood who gently put it away.

After the goal, the visitors continued to press, a wrong pass from James Atkinson almost led to a scoring chance then a minute later Alex Wood claimed for a penalty after his shot hit a defender.

It was only until 30th minute that Moorlands had a good opportunity. Samuel Triffitt took on one defender before passing it to Geno Robinson who lost control of the ball.

Westella VIP continued to dominate the game, a very good effort from Westella VIP which ended up interrupted by defender Aley Mackinder. Minutes later, a very beautiful 1 2 between Rob Dodson and Alex Wood led to a good opportunity but the Moorlands defender sent it behind for a corner.

A short corner was taken to Garry Flounders. His effort was saved by the ‘keeper, Dodson put the rebound in the back of the net, before being ruled out for offside.

Moorlands began the second half the better side, Greg Andrews took the ball past a VIP defender and ‘keeper but failed to hit the target.

However, it was Westella who doubled their lead, this time from the penalty spot. Striker Chris Spinks was fouled in the penalty area. He took the penalty and made it 0-2.

The Moors continued to try and get back in the game. Aley Mackinder took on two defenders and fired his shot wide.

It took until the 79th minute for Moorlands to find a break through. Some great work from substitute Joshua Schoheld, before a cross to Gavin Mackie who strongly shot the ball past the visitors goalkeeper.

With ten minutes to go Moorlands were pressing to score the equalizer. Schoheld continued to terrorise the Westella defence and missed an easy chance to equalise with a wide open goal. Samuel Triffitt missed another chance for the team just minutes later.

The match ended with the score of 1-2 to Westella VIP. After the game Moorland’s manager, Mick Fairweather said:

“By the end of it we were the better side, the moment I put Schoheld on we got the ball in the box quicker and we released the ball quicker than the first half”.