At the beginning of September, Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 would be receiving a huge software update at the end of the month.

Playstation Image

The update will include a host of new features and content, especially focusing on the benefits of the paying PlayStation Plus members.

The 3.00 software update, codenamed: Kenshin, is set to be their biggest update since the console’s original release.

A large focus is the upgraded streaming capabilities of the console. With YouTube streaming becoming such a big platform, Sony have jumped on board and players will now be able to stream live straight from their home console to YouTube. This is set to boost both the amount of streamers and viewers using the new YouTube gaming platform.

Along with this, there will be more opportunities to watch streams, with all PS4 streaming content to be available on all YouTube platforms (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.)

They have also announced two new ‘Hubs’. One is a community page, where players can engage and talk with other players about specific games. The other hub is called Events where players will be able to view all the one off events happening in their gaming collection.

The update is set to release on 30 September and will include all these changes and many more.