The Martian film poster
The Martian film poster
The film poster for The Martian, based on an Andy Weir novel of the same name

Ridley Scott’s latest film comes in the form of The Martian.

This unique film based upon Andy Weir’s book is a utopian sci-fi survival story unlike many others. Whereas many survival films see villains as well as the heroes, this film only sees the heroes.

The film centres on main character Mark Watney (Matt Damon), an astronaut and botanist. Watney is on a mission to Mars lead by Commander Lewis. He is stranded millions of miles away from home and many years away when he is hit and his crew believe him to be dead.

His chances of survival are extremely slim but Watney refuses to die.

Unlike many survival stories Watney’s tools are maths and science, as he managed to grow potatoes to keep his survival rate alive.

Throughout the film Mark keeps a video diary, which is charming and funny and which continues to draw you in. The film also has a running gag about Commander Lewis’ disco music which is played throughout the film even into the credits.

With Watney being stranded on Mars, we first get the impression that this could be a one man film following him on Mars. This is shown not to be the case with the film cutting from Watney on Mars to NASA headquarters puzzling over how they can get Mark home. Then it also cuts to the crew members on their slow mission back to earth.

Ridley Scott does a fantastic job of keeping viewers hooked until the end. Transitioning between the three scenarios we are kept anxious throughout the film as we wonder will they actually be able to get Watney off of Mars alive.

Overall, it is an uplifting film that keeps you hooked right until the end. Matt Damon does a sublime job and upon watching seems the only man fit to play the role.