cactus in a painted pot

Student accommodation is known for being basic and let’s face it, not stylish at all. Some will complain but at the end of the day, it’s a blank canvas for you to customise as you wish!

To avoid your room being dull without overcrowding it, add subtle pops of colour by doing the following things.

cactus in a painted pot
Plant pots are easy to paint or painted ones can be picked up from craft markets (Photo: Elise Tel)

Paint plant pots: A student not owning a plant is a rarity but the pots in budget can be quite plain and nothing special. Add a simple splash of paint to perk it up and add interest to your room!

DIY collage: If you’re not one for the typical photo wall but want to make a feature of your pictures, make a collage! You can present your photos with cuttings from magazines to create a pop of colour and brightness on your wall!

Artwork: Even if it’s not your own, framing abstract art work – placing it on furniture, or hanging it up if you’re allowed – is a great way to add depth and stop your room from being boring!

Lava or coloured lamps: Yes, lava lamps do still exist even if they look like they’re still stuck in the 90s. They actually do look pretty cool when they’re on and will jazz up your space whilst you’re getting ready to go out!