Photo: Jared Cherup/ Flickr.
Photo: Jared Cherup/ Flickr.

Who gets the most coursework? Who gets the most contact hours,? Who actually gets a reading week, and *sigh* who doesn’t? These are ALL things we’re constantly comparing with each other in order to discover the answer to the age-old question: which degree is, in fact, the hardest?

But why are we always so keen to dismiss someone else’s degree for being ‘pointless’ or ‘irrelevant’ rather than praising them for studying something they love? We asked students from a variety of courses what questions they got tired of hearing… And they even answered them for us!

Accountancy & Finance

Photo: Images Money/ Flickr.
Photo: Images Money/ Flickr.

Q: Is it as boring as it sounds?
A: No, it’s actually really enjoyable (Bradley, 3rd year)

So, do you dig up bones and stuff?
A: No, that’s archaeology. I design buildings (Lorna, 3rd year)

So you’re really clever then?
A: Yes, yes I am (Louie, 3rd year)

Business Studies
Do you want to go on The Apprentice then?
A: I’m not arrogant enough (Michael, 3rd year)

Can you tell if I’m a criminal?
A: No I can’t, but I wish I could (Jemima, graduate)

Q: Couldn’t anyone do that?
A: I’d like to see you perform a triple pirouette en-pointe (Abby, 2nd year)

Do you just pretend to be a tree all the time?
A: I have actually had to be a dock leaf once… (Hannah, graduate)


Photo: Bart Heird/ Flickr.
Photo: Bart Heird/ Flickr.

Q: Why are you paying to learn the language you already speak?
A: It’s the study of literature and the way in which language is used. It’s not a degree in ABC’s (Chloe, 2nd year)

Events Management
So are you just going to plan parties for the rest of your life?
A: It’s one of the biggest growing industries so no, I’m not JUST going to plan parties (Charlotte, 3rd year)

Fashion Design
Can you sew my button back onto my trousers?
A: No (Ali, 3rd year)

Film & Television
So you want to present gameshows?
A: Considering I’ve had to familiarise myself with the psychoanalytical frameworks of Freud, Lacan and Kristeva, I think I’d be put to waste alongside Dale Winton (Daniel, 3rd year)

Fine Art
Oh, so you just paint?
A: Actually, only about 10% of students on the course choose to focus on painting because we’re free to work in whatever medium we want – photography, textiles, drawing, video, construction and many more (Sophie, graduate)


Photo: alex_and_stacy/ Flickr.
Photo: alex_and_stacy/ Flickr.

Q: Do you just colour in maps and stuff then?
A: Yes, of course (Alicia, 3rd year)

What’s the point in studying something that’s already happened?
A: Because studying history helps us to understand the future (Connie, 2nd year)

Q: What could you write a dissertation about – you just draw?
A: It’s more than that and actually takes a fine skill and knowledge of an audience (Hannah, graduate)

Q: Have you been taught to hack people’s phones yet?
A: Yes – and yours was extremely entertaining! No… No we haven’t (Michael, 3rd year)

Q: But everybody speaks English now, don’t they?
A: Have you ever been to a small village abroad where no one speaks English and had to navigate or find something? No, I didn’t think so (Katy, graduate)

Do you have to do a lot of reading then?
A: Yes. Do you have to remind me? (Josh, 3rd year)

Media Production

Photo: Becky Lancashire
Photo: Becky Lancashire

Q: Do you just sit and watch films all day?
A: I’m not even into films… Media isn’t just films you know (Liam, 3rd year)

So you do a degree in wiping bums?
A: Obviously not (Faye, 3rd year)

Will you be able to give me free drugs when you’re a pharmacist?
A: It doesn’t really work like that… (Kimrin, 3rd year)

Can you read my mind?/What am I thinking?
A: *I am so tempted to pretend I know everyone’s life motives right now* (Rachael, graduate)

Social Work
Why would you do that? That just sounds stressful!
A: Actually, knowing you’re trying to help people along their way is very rewarding (Lucy, 3rd year)


Photo: RussellDornan/ Flickr.
Photo: RussellDornan/ Flickr.

Q: So you want to be a zoo keeper?
A: *Silence* (Lex, 3rd year)