Nintendo have officially announced their new console, the Nintendo Switch.

As a successor of the somewhat failed Wii U, the Switch has been in secret development for some time now. The trailer was dropped without much warning and shows off what the console will look like, how the “switch” between handheld and home console will work, some of the new games and other exciting features.

From the trailer and official images we can see that the console will be made of three main parts: the handheld screen, the modular controllers and the cradle which will allow seamless gameplay between the two states.

The Switch has been rumoured for a while and not much has been known until now, part from that it will be a cross between handheld and home consoles and that third party developers are excited to get their hands on it.

We got to see some familiar faces with glimpses of Link in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as well as a new unannounced Mario platformer and even evidence that the new Skyrim remaster will be coming to the Switch.

This may mean that the graphic quality is significantly better than that of other Nintendo platforms. We are yet to get any specs on the Switch, but no doubt Nintendo will be releasing some soon enough.

All we know now is that it will be launched in March 2017 and that it will be exclusively played by attractive 20-somethings who live in various large cities in America.

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