Photo: Mac Miller/Warner Bros. Records/REMember Music

Less than a year after GO:OD AM, Mac Miller has released another album.

Adding to his well-established discography, his fourth album The Divine Feminine features something we haven’t seen from Mac in a while.

His first track Congratulations features his new ‘girlfriend’ Ariana Grande, so it’s no wonder that Mac is feeling a little on the sensitive side.

It’s clear that she acted as a main focus for the album seen in the track My Favourite Part – also featuring Ariana.

The album showcases the array of talents from the rap-turned-jazz artist. We see lyrics that are relatable and meaningful and I think he feels the music from the bottom of his heart. In 2016 it’s a rare quality among rap artists.

While staying true to himself and his rap background, there is an obvious separation from his first album ‘Blue Slide Park’ and tracks such as ‘English Lane’. Although this album established him in the music industry and the rap game, this new album is the biggest and shiniest trophy in the case.

In this album in particular, Mac seems more confident in allowing his vocals to carry him through the most part of the album. This is something I think he has been lacking in previous albums.

It adds feeling and depth to what are already moving lyrics. Although his vocals aren’t incredible, they are full of soul and feeling. It’s almost as if Mac is seeing the world of music through fresh eyes.

Mac Miller has for sure come a long way since he was known as EZ mac. This feels like the first time he has brought out an album full of love, pain, maturity and some new beats. He has opened the door for jazz-rap and is sitting on its throne. This album is unique to say the least.

He has chosen his collaborations carefully. Kendrick Lamar is someone he has previously worked with the track Fight The Feeling and it’s no wonder he’s continued this on The Divine Feminine. His other collaborations include renowned singer-songwriter Bilal, Ty Dolla $ign, Njomza, and possibly the most exciting – Cee Lo Green.

This is a big breakthrough for Mac and I hope he continues to reign as jazz-rap king for the foreseeable future.