NXT launched its first event at the Engine Shed in Lincoln on Monday October 3. Hundreds of people arrived at the event to see Lethal Bizzle, one of the UK’s most successful rappers on the grime scene.

View of the stage at the NXT launch night with Lethal Bizzle.
View of the stage at the NXT launch night with Lethal Bizzle.

As we arrived at the Engine Shed, the flow of the queue was fast and there was barely any waiting time to go inside. Upon entering the venue, members of the crew were handing out NXT credits which essentially was fake money that could be exchanged for stick on tattoos, lighters and t-shirts.

This was immediately something that became popular with the audience, as they covered themselves in tattoos and wore the t-shirts.

At around 10:30, the supporting act Buzzkirk and Carl Finesse started their set. Looking from above, the audience flooded in from the bar to the stage and crowded around the front filling at least half of the venue.

The supporting act played music from a similar genre that was to be expected from the main act, Lethal Bizzle. For a while, the crowd seemed excited, singing along to the upbeat music in the set, but they soon became agitated as it struck 1am, and there was still no sign of Lethal Bizzle.

Almost three hours after the support act began, Lethal Bizzle finally arrived on stage, but his appearance, although enjoyable, was short-lived. The set, lasting only half an hour, had the crowd in good spirits as they danced the night away jumping around and enjoying the mosh pits the Bizzle had created in the audience. The atmosphere was incredible and there wasn’t a moment of the set to be missed.

However, it was soon recognisable that his music was not for everyone as people began to break away from the swarm of people that were still buzzing off the energy coming from the stage.  

With tickets being a maximum of £8, you certainly got your money’s worth, with the only shame being the short set.

Organiser Blake McCaskill said, “Our first experience of an event in Lincoln was a very pleasant one. The Engine Shed and SU are great to work with, very supportive of what we’re doing.

There definitely feels as though there was a gap that needed filling, in terms of the style of event that we bring to Lincoln. It already feels like we’re establishing ourselves as the ‘hot’ event this year in Lincoln, and we can’t wait for our next show.”

NXT will now be a monthly residency at the Engine Shed. Their next event will be held on November 14th and details will be released next week.