Pokémon Go’s popularity seems to have died, the public have had enough, but loyal fans are still craving for more and Pokémon Sun and Moon are nearly here to feed those hungry fans.

Ever since the leaked information back in February 2016 Pokémon trainers across the world have been waiting with bated breath for the release of the latest game in the franchise.

It’s been 20 years since the launch of Red and Blue and now Sun and Moon are here to give a new lease of life to the biggest gaming franchise in the world.

Over the past few months several videos have been released on the Official Pokémon YouTube page giving fans a load of information, including brand new Pokémon, gameplay, and even new forms of classic Pokémon from the original generation.

Now Nintendo have released a full demo that not only gives players a taste of the new game, but has the biggest link with the Pokémon anime since the release of Pokémon Yellow.

The new region Alolah is based of the tropical isles of Hawaii
The new region Alolah is based of the tropical isles of Hawaii

The demo starts the player off as Sun, a new trainer in the Alola region who has moved across from Kanto with his mother.

The opening scene explains this with a mysterious letter left at Sun’s house.

The player travels through the city with Mom to various places where we get to meet new characters from the game.

Players even get to have a go at one of the new Island trials set by new shirtless Professor Kukui. In this trial we get to fight against new dragon type Pokémon, and tinker with the new Pokémon Finder, which brings back fond memories of Pokémon Snap on N64.

Other new features get shown off including totem Pokémon and ride on Pokémon.

The powerful and notorious Ash-Greninja
The powerful and notorious Ash-Greninja

However one of the most exciting parts of the demo is the chance to use a special Greninja that, like in the anime, changes mid-battle to become Ash-Greninja.

A Pokémon that has taken on the characteristics of anime protagonist Ash Ketchum.

Those who follow the anime will be extremely excited to see this and fans are already speculating what other cross overs may be coming to the main game. Could we be seeing Ash or his Pikachu in the full release?

The new evil team, Team Skull was also shown and battled. The group seem to be gangsters in the modern sense, rather than the traditional mafia style gangsters of the original games. No doubt they will become an annoying and challenging part of the game as always.

There was unfortunately we got no new info from the demo. It was all content that fans knew about. However, players have been data mining the demo and revealed a whole lot of information including the total amount of Pokémon in the game, new Alolan forms and more Ultra Beasts (a set of mysterious beings that have yet to be explained.)

If you want to find that info it’s readily available and quite hard to avoid.

Nintendo have said more information is going to be released on October 27. The full game is set to be released November 18. So not long to wait till a whole new Pokémon adventure.