This meal is perfect as a treat for the weekend – it’s tasty, it’s colourful and it’s super easy to make! Theresa Sande tells us how we can make a delicious taco wrap.

Ingredients (serves 4)
400-500g beef mince
1 pack of taco mix
Tortilla wraps
Sour cream
Taco sauce
Cucumber, onion, salad, corn, tomatoes, paprika (Choose what you prefer to have in a wrap)


Start off by frying the mince in a frying pan. When it’s properly fried, you add the taco mix and follow the instructions on the packet. Let the taco mix fry into the mince for about 10 minutes on low heat.

Prepare the vegetables you have chosen by cutting them into small pieces.

Heat the tortilla wraps in the microwave or oven. Follow the instructions on the packet (it usually takes approximately 1 minute).

Pour some mince over the tortilla wrap and add whatever you like of the ingredients above. Finally, wrap it together and enjoy!