Photo: Edson Hong/ Flickr.
Photo: Edson Hong/ Flickr.

As students, we’ve ALL got exams coming up or essay deadlines looming. So, to keep your head clear, here are seven reasons why you should give ‘Dry January’ a shot.

Get the glow
Swapping alcohol for water means your skin will be healthier and more hydrated, giving you a spot-free complexion.

Shed some calories
The calories in the alcohol you drink on a night out can be surprisingly high. Cutting back on alcohol can reduce your calorie intake as well as lowering your blood pressure – which is always a bonus during exams!

Improve your mood
If you’ve got the January blues, alcohol can act as a depressant and make you feel down, so an alcohol-free month will work wonders for your mind.

Save some cash
Cutting out alcohol doesn’t just mean no hangovers, it also means saving money you would have spent – and that’s never a bad thing when you’re a student!

Try new drinks
January is the perfect time for a detox and, just because you’re not drinking alcohol, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring or you can’t socialise. The Slug & Lettuce, Tower Bar and loads of other places in Lincoln serve many tasty mocktails that are just as good as the real deal.

Get better sleep
Your body has to work hard to process alcohol so by giving your body a break, especially after the festive season, you’ll sleep better and feel refreshed in the morning.

Make the most of mornings
With the better quality sleep and less late nights, your body won’t hate you as much for getting up for those 9am lectures. But, if you have a free morning, why not try getting up earlier to make the day a productive one?

If you do decide to try Dry January, here are some tips to making it through to the end:

  • Keep reminding yourself of all of the benefits listed above
  • Keep a countdown to remind yourself how far you’ve come
  • Reward yourself with treats, which you can buy with the extra cash you’ve saved
  • Find a friend who is also taking part so you can motivate each other and share your own tips
  • Don’t let any peer pressure to drink get to you; you’re doing it for yourself and that should be all that matters.